Wall Street Investors “It’s what you know that just ain’t so” that will hurt you

I bet you think the guys you see jumping up and down on CNBC all day are trading most of American’s money. You might even think that’s where all the action is. It’s all a big show which is why the shows on CNBC say for entertainment purposes only.lol

High Frequency Traders are running the world, in other words the computers have taken over.

What is a high frequency trader, I’m so glad you asked. HFTs account for 2/3 of all the trades in the stock market and they are investment firms with super high-speed computers that buy and sell in fractions of a second every time they see any abnormal pricing in the market. What do you think the COMPUTER programs did…… when they saw Accenture drop from 41.00 to a penny in fifteen minutes.

Don’t believe it, read it for yourself. The attached article says this is a secret but how can it be a secret with 2/3 of all trades going through this system. I hope your money isn’t still there.


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