$200,000.00 in New Business in 45 days because of Twitter and Tonya Taylor

Sorry guys I don’t have time for a long post so I will just say this, I asked Tonya Taylor how to use twitter for business because I never really understood the power of the net. I have been living a life dedicated to avoiding technology.lol

She showed me some great things and tools that would allow you to do real business on the internet using twitter. I didn’t do 1/3 of what she told me and I generated $200,000.00 in new business in 45 days. http://twitterquickstartacademy.com/

I will easily generate 1 million dollars on the net this year at a minimum but only because I listened to Tonya Taylor. Now she is offering a course where she give you instructions and teach you to use twitter for business. I can’t believe the price she is charging, it’s so low. I think she has lost her mind but since she hasn’t asked me for any of the money she helped me make I had to give her this great recommendation. $27.00 a month is all she is asking for her course. BTW, I paid $200.00 for a few hours of conversation with her. Did I mention the $200,000.00 return in 45 days.

If your business your business isn’t making 1 million or more on the net every year go to http://twitterquickstartacademy.com/. Please tell her I refered you, not because I get any money, but because i want her to know that I am grateful for all she has done for me and the thousands she helps me to bring financial education to at www.twitter.com/managerofwealth and www.facebook.com/managerofwealth.

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