Now That an Old White Guy Agrees with me, can we move on to Saving Your Money from the Impending Crash?

Although it didn’t make national news yesterday Robert Prechter, market forecaster and social theorist said what the top protection first planners have been saying for year’s. The market is going to tank in a huge way. Greater than ever before. he predicts the market will drop below 1000. Yes, I said 1000 .

1000 will wipe out most people reading this post, it will wipe out the parents, aunt, uncles, grandparents of most reading this post. most would be wiped out at 5000,4000, or 3000. Especially when the drop from 14,000 to 7500 cut their life savings in half. The next drop is game over. A portfolio can’t recover in a lifetime from that type of hit.

What are you doing about the facts of where you now stand? I want to help you get to safety, the light you see at the end of this recessionary tunnel we are in is a speeding train just looking to run something over. You have got to act to reposition your wealth right now.

Read the article below for your self and then call me for a solution for your family.



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