I Love My President but Damn…

I love my President but damn can you please stop with the firing of Black officials.  I’ve tried to keep some perspective on the events of the last 18 months but the reactionary firing of some of the best hearts and minds that America has to offer has really gone to far. My President Obama seems to have a zero tolerance policy for Black leaders in Government because he turns his back quicker than any President in American history on the qualified folks he put in place.

Note to my President, either you believe in your folks or you don’t. You are asking for our full support and weare willing to give it to you but on the condition that all people be treated fairly. Below are three huge examples of poor judgement on the part of my President, whom I love dearly.

The Firing of Van Jones http://voices.washingtonpost.com/44/2009/09/06/van_jones_resigns.htm

Now Mr. President how could you fire one of the most brilliant brothers in the country. You fired the one brother with a real plan to combat global warming while building a ton of green jobs. Now we are on record as having the hottest temperatures in human history this year and unemployment would have been helped by Van Jones’ plan.

 Look up Van Jones Credentials sometime people he is a diamond among ordinary Americans. Bad move Mr. President.

The Firing of Desiree Rogers


How could you Mr. President. Firing Ms. Rogers was a bad move for two reasons. One because surviving Washington is largely about who is watching your back. You brought a qualified sister from home who you know and trust to handle your affairs. George Bush would cut off his own hand before he let one of his true friends go, and none of his friends were qualified. Second, the secret service is supposed to keep uninvited guest, yes even rich uninvited guest out of the party. You just thru Rogers under the bus and kept it pushing.  Not smart and very disloyal on your part, sir.

Forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod


Twice is a coincidence but three times is a policy decision. Having Mrs. Sherrod resign on the side of the road shows a heartless and careless approach to leadership. I know I did not vote for a heartless and careless guy so it really hurts to see something like this happen. If she needed to be fired it could have happened next week or in a month. The fact the she was forced to pull to the side of the road and text in her resignation says it was a political matter. This is a good women with a great and inspiring story to share about race and class in America. BTW, did you see the two old white farmers whose farm she saved 20 years ago on tv praising her and saying how wrong you guys were. That didn’t have to happen but you are playing politics when you should stay focused on doing the hard job you have been trusted with.

Bottom line Mr. President, stop firing the brilliant Black folks you have working for you. The Black unemployment rate is high enough without your help,sir. We are willing to fight for you on health care, fin reg, and hopefully the ending of this pointless war but not if you are unjust. Cut it out or come 2012 you”ll be getting fired!


OBAMA 2012 supporter


You were wrong on that Rev. Wright deal as well, you should watch the whole speech next time.


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