Giving 10% to your faith and community is a Great Idea, but are you breaking the LAW?

Yesterday I had the most refreshing conversation with one of the wisest people I have had the good fortune to know. We were discussing why so many givers seem to be so broke. We had both seen many people of all faiths who were great tithers but had very little in the way of personal savings. When asked most of these people would tell you that they strongly believe that by being faithful in their giving they are activating a law that multiplys their blessings and their prosperity. They always take their first dollars and give back so that they can stay on the right side of the LAW.

When you look at the financial results in their lives it seems that the Law is not working but in actuality it is working perfectly. My wise friend showed me that the Law is at work but unfortunately they are multiplying by Zero.

The problem my wise friend explained is that they are not saving anything in their personal store house. They may be giving back to the church,mosque, synagogue, or community center but they are paying themselves nothing. If there is nothing in the storehouse then there is nothing to multiply.

People who are not saving are not allowing the Law to work in their favor and thus always will remain broke. If you get income and give it to the mortgage company, car company, daycare, private school, electric company,telephone company, and charity,and do not set aside at least 10% for you then the law can not work for you. You are multiplying by zero. As the song goes, “nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” 

Giving is good in fact it is great but you must save so that the law can work for you in three important ways.

 One, saving adds to your mental security. Being broke causes undo stress and will shorten your life. Always being one emergency from a disaster is a hard way to live.

Two, When you have capital stored up it will attract great opportunities to multiply your resources. How many times has opportunity passed you by because you did not have the or the education to take advantage of the situation.

Three, when you mix a great financial education with capital reserves you get an effect that can change your whole existence and change the life of your family. Bringing financial wisdom into your home and teaching sound principles to your children with have a generational effect. If we are going to teach our children the Law then we should make sure we understand the whole law because when kids see you giving and still not being prosperous they won’t believe that the law of giving really works. But if they see you giving and saving and then they see the multiplication of that savings they will be happy to follow the law.

Are you in compliance of the Law? Are you giving and saving or are you multiplying by Zero?

What are your thoughts?

Mark Fuller

Wealth Management and Marketing LLC

410-484-2717 office


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  1. #1 by Alanna Taylor on September 25, 2010 - 5:41 am

    How can I post this particle article on my Facebook page? I think this is excellent. I do tithe 10% of my income but I have been horrible in paying myself.

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