Do you want to know Exactly where to Invest for a Huge Return,Now?


Most people would say that it’s hard to know in such a crazy market how to best invest capital for a great return. What is going to get you and your family to the point that you can be assured of a great retirement, send your children to college, and help your parents if they need you in their senior years? Is the market about to implode or rally? What happens to your family if something tragic happens to you? Is your advisor  informed enough to guide you through the next three decades, is there anyone you can trust?

The answer to all your questions is right totally obvious, if you make the right critical investment right Now. Waiting to make this move would be worst than a market crash but if you want true security you have got to act right this minute. 

Where to invest your money right now is really not a very complex question, the real question is where do you invest your time. In my opinion right now is when you must invest your time and energy into obtain a great financial education. Please don’t take that lightly. Not having a great financial education is what got most people here in the first place.

People invest lots of money before they invest hardly any time and then they are confused when things don’t work out as planned. I have been that person invested to the tune of millions, so don’t think you are they only one who put the cart before the horse.

Making money fools most people into thinking that they know something about investing money. The truth is being good at making money means only that, you are good at making money. That skill is what saves poorly financially educated people from some of the pain of losing because we just go and earn more money. What if you could be a great earner and a great investor? Is that possible, of course it is. And all that is required is an education.

Great News, since we don’t have unlimited time to spend wandering through the field of financial knowledge. I will share with you the six things you need to learn, right Now!

1. What is the history of the stock market? When has it gone up and down for long periods of time and why?

2. What is the history of taxes? When have they gone up and down and why? Learn how the wealthy avoid taxes totally on their long term savings. This is huge because it helps you keep for 30% – 50% more of your money in the future.

3. How do you properly cover your three biggest exposures? those exposures are lawsuits, loss of income due to disability, loss of income due to premature death, tax consequences of improper transfer of assets to heirs.

4. How do you properly measure return on investment and how do you properly gauge how your holdings have performed? I have never seen this done properly BTW. There is an 90% chance that the total return on a properly balanced portfolio is actually negative for the last 11 years. Check it out. 

5. Why do only 2% of term insurance policies ever pay, and a 100% chance of eventually dying? This is huge because knowing the answer to this one can set you financially free.

6. Why is it that saving 15% of your income and never taking any market loses virtually guarantees a good retirement?

So what about understanding stock, bonds, mutual funds, buying on margin and all that other fancy stuff. Fancy stuff keeps most people broke and you need a firm foundation. It is great to understand that stuff but if you want real security start with the answer to the above questions.

I bring the best and most knowledgable educators I can find to answer those simple questions and help people gain a firm foundation on which to build their family’s future. This weekend I will have Tony Brayboy of Matrix Wealth LLC as our guest speaker at our wealth breakfast and workshop. Space is limited so register today!


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