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$12.5 Million Reasons Suze Orman should come to Saturday’s workshop!


Sometimes for fun I turn on Suze Orman because the advice is so bad that its like a comedy show. I’m really not kidding, she tells people to do things that are going to set them up to be at incredible risk to the stock market and leave the bulk of their net worth exposed. Now of course with financial firms sponsoring her show she is not going to say institutional investors suck, I get that. But after reading the attached article I realized what the problem really is. Suze doesn’t know any better.

 In this New York Times article Suze talks about her greatest concern is that she and her life partner Kathy will be taxed 50% when they leave their fortunes to one another. She is worth at least 25 million which means she has at least a 12.5 million dollar problem. The problem is completely fixable by changing how they hold their assets and/or funding the right type of insurance policy to pay out 12.5 million or more tax free for a fraction of the cost. Damn Suze are you kidding? You knew that right? Suze also goes on to say that she has all her money in zero coupon bonds that are insured, not a bad choice especially since she went the extra step of having them insured but Suze tells people everyday to max out their 401k(invest in the stock market) but she only puts money she doesn’t care if she loses there.

Read the article, those are her words not mine. Lets not even talk about the 7 million dollars in mortgaged real estate that she has.

 Why is she telling people everyday on her show to pay the house off when she does the opposite. C’mon Suze, your advice is almost as bad as Kramer on Mad Money! LOL please read the attached article: I hope to see you Saturday for a great workshop that will help you really understand whats going on.


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Your life’s work must be done by you, and five other things I realized over 38 years of living.

Good Morning,

Feel asleep and woke up to the sound of calls, texts, Facebook updates wishing me a Happy Birthday. Each one made me want to give something back that showed my true appreciation. I thought maybe I could share  a few simple things I have learned and experienced over the years. Understanding these things has literally saved my life because I’m sure the immense pressure I was putting on myself would have killed me by now.

Only you can do your life’s work

You are here for a purpose and its engrained in your spirit. You find it by understanding what you are drawn to and what makes you happy. Engage in your life’s work even part-time, and it will make you one of the happiest people you ever met. Happiness is a choice that you have to fight for. Give everything you can of yourself to people and it will blossom into an incredible life. My life’s work was to teach and bring clarity to people about the world of money. People are so stressed out and anxious about money and they make decisions based on fear. I enjoy seeing how their lives change when that fear goes away.

If you spend money on bills you will run out of money, if you invest money in dreams you will run out of bills

Your dream needs fuel. How much time, energy and money is being invested in building your dream? If very little, then you have the result of that right now. Up your investment in you,now.

 Paying the mortgage, car payment, light bill, and even your kids private school tuition won’t do it for you. It hasn’t done it for anyone you know. A business can’t bring in new business by paying the lease on a huge office space, it can only generate business through marketing. Overhead expenses kill companies and overhead kills regular people’s dreams. Make sure you are funding the expansion of your life’s work.

A million dollars in cash beats a million dollars in stuff

I won’t say much because most would agree with the statement, but just remember that having a lot of excess resources makes you realize the choices you always had even when you had very little resources. Also try to remember that nobody ever dreams about the mortgage payment on a mansion, they only dream about the mansion. You never want to find yourself choosing between funding your dream or your dream home.



Fear of every kind is bad

You are intelligent enough not to hurt yourself or anyone else. Use common sense which is not what you learned in school. What you learned in school is how to be a cookie cutter worker and consumer. Common sense mixed with a real education is all you will ever need

to be safe in this world. Stop making fear based decisions.


Keep your family and friends near and dear to your heart

I have maintained my relationships with my family and friends for my entire life. I am still close to my friends from elementary school, jr. high, high school and college. Still cool with everybody I ever worked with in different industries over the years. I have been in 15 weddings and best man multiple times. I am uncle and godfather to a lot of beautiful and brilliant kids.  My boys’ wives are as tight as sisters with me and my girls husbands are as tight as brothers. This is how I chose to live my life and it has enriched me more than words can say. I could write ten books about our adventures and they would all be best sellers.

What I really want you to understand is that my friends and family held my self-esteem in tact at times when things weren’t so great and I was failing in business and in a way in life in general. Every time I was asked to be in a wedding or godfather to a baby I took it as a sign from God that my work was not in vain and I was becoming a worthwhile person. My friends and family helped me to help thousands of people and I would not be the person I am today without their hands on my life.

Enjoy every minute of this ride, it’s over way to quickly and if you aren’t paying attention you might miss something. Love is a great verb, say it less and do it more.

Thank you to all of my friends, family, clients, schoolmates, and general readers who I have not had the pleasure to meet.

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