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The Truth about Bottled Water (the Movie)

To all my Friends, Family, Readers and clients, I often send out information about what’s going on in the world.
Your greatest wealth is your health!
Before the mortgage industry collapsed, I invited you all to a presentation about equity management. That presentation saved our clients millions of dollars in equity that would have been lost. During that same time, we introduced you to a great education and teacher Tony Brayboy to help you keep your money safe from the fall of the stock market. We continue to work hard everyday to bring you the best information in the financial field and provide you with resources for both mortgage finance and solid trustworthy investment advice.
I am coming to you with something more important than all the money in the world, news on preserving your families HEALTH.
Click on this link about the most precious resource on the planet earth, water. The link gives you valuable insight into bottled water. Where does bottled water come from, why is it 1900 times more expensive than tap water yet more acid and toxic, why aren’t your children being protected from its’ effects? It is all in this video.
If you been reading  my blog  about bottled water you would know that bottled water is acidic and that you need to be drinking alkaline water. 
If you don’t understand Alkaline water call us and we will send you info that makes it crystal clear. For now, learn about what we have all been drinking, Bottled Water!
THE TRUTH ABOUT BOTTLED WATER LINK:                                                           
Health and Wealth in 2011 and beyond,
Manager of Wealth

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