Immortal Money from an Ordinary Life


Good day to you. I hope you are feeling valuable and powerful after yesterday’s lesson on calculating the value of a life in financial terms. I hope you now understand that your lifetime earnings must be protected if things are going to progress for you and your family. If you didn’t read yesterday’s blog stop and do it now, before going on. What I share next is powerful but it needs to be put in context.

Yesterday’s Blog – Calculating the value of a Life in Financial terms:

Making your Money Immortal

Immortal money means taking a portion of your current income and guaranteeing a lifetime of income for you and your family. It means that if you earned $65,000.00 a year your family will have at least $65,000.00 a year for life. It means if you get hurt and can’t work your retirement account still gets funded. It means if you lose your job your savings and insurance can pay for itself.  It means living real tax free wealth to your family and setting it up so they can’t squander the principal. 

The Myth of Term Insurance

There is a huge myth that has been going around since the 1980s about cheap/affordable insurance and expense/unaffordable insurance. Whole companies have been built on concept that traditional insurance as most people knew it before the eighties was too expensive.  Cheap policies should be purchased and then people could focus on building up wealth and ultimately be self insured. The concept was called “Buy term and invest the difference”. It was a bad concept when it was introduced and it’s an even worse concept now.

Why is “Buy term and invest the difference so bad”? Historically only 2% of term policies ever pay a death claim. Term is cheap when you are young and gets increasing more expensive by the time you really need coverage in your older years. This causes you to drop coverage and the insurance company never has to pay out a thing on 98% of all the policies out there. Stop and think about that. The Insurance Company has a 98% of never paying a dime.

The second reason “Buy Term invest the difference” doesn’t work is most American won’t be well off enough to self insure by retirement age. For a number of reasons this just isn’t happening. A person who purchased term insurance in their early adult years is too old, too sick, or too poor to afford any coverage and will one day pass away leaving little or no financial legacy because they had the wrong information in their youth.

Get More than you Pay For

Here is a thought. Let’s get what we pay for. In fact let’s get more than we paid for by investing in a vehicle that is guaranteed to pay in all possible life scenarios. It needs to pay me if I live to retirement age and need and income. It needs to pay enough to totally replace my lifetime income if I die prematurely. It needs to pay for itself if I can’t work because I’m disabled and still fund not only my life insurance but also my retirement funds. It cannot be tied to the stock market because I don’t want the policy losing money in an economic downturn and having all my cash value eaten up by insurance. Lastly, it has got to grow with me so by the time I reach retirement age I have at least 50% more insurance coverage than I originally purchased.

The answer is purchasing the right type of permanent insurance that covers you for your Whole life time. If you are like the person in the part 1 of this series and need $1,625,000 in insurance. You may purchase $625,000.00 in permanent coverage with a 1 million dollar CONVERTABLE term rider. You can now afford the best coverage on your current budget. You buy it this way for 2 reasons. First you will never need to medically qualify for coverage again so from day 1 you have the total protection you need. Second, as your income grows you can convert all at one time or in parts the million dollars in term into permanent insurance.

If you want to know the best type of permanent insurance policy to invest in call my advisor Tony Brayboy of Matrix Wealth Management Have him educated you on all your options for protecting your family.

Spending the same money for a greater result

For years planners and advisors have been saying get insurance and then save 10 – 15% of your income for retirement. This is supposed to give you a secure retirement. But the insurance keeps running out just when we need it and the retirement account keeps getting hit by downturns in the economy and taxes. You need your money to be Immortal. That means your plan has to work for you and your family no matter what happens and no matter what the economy does. You can achieve the desired result from the same money others have encouraged you to invest in buy term and invest the difference. The result will be more money, more security, less tax, and your protection and legacy wealth will be there for your family.

Mark Fuller – Manager of Wealth

Wealth Wellness Wisdom


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