Banks sell property move in ready and 50 cents on the dollar, Buy Now!

The symbol for crisis and opportunity are both the same in the chinese language. If you have cash to invest in what will go down as the greatest foreclosure crisis in the history of the United States you are truly in luck. Most asset classes in the U.S are troubled but the low prices and high inventory are fast becoming a bonanza for real estate investors who waited for the crash to start buying. As the inventories rise prices come down low enough for investors to buy in Cash. In times like these Cash is King.

Turning Cash into income

Many everyday investors are looking to turn cash into a life time income. Owning investment property free and clear allows the conversion to income. Look at the example below:

Example 1

John age 65 has a retirement nest egg of $500,000.00 and he is looking to add some additional income to help keep up with inflation. He has no desire to make mortgage payments or deal with tenants. He is looking to buy and put his property in the hands of a property management company . His only desire is to own and sit back and collect the income and the tax breaks. His realtor has found him a bank owned property in excellent condition and a property management company to manage his investment. Because of the huge  inventory of properties he is able to purchase the property for $50,000.  in cash and rent it for $800.00 per month.Purchase and closing cost – $55,000.00

Yearly rent – $9600.00

Management fee – $672.00

Property taaxes – $1500.00 taxes

Net profit –   $7428.00 per year    (13.50%)

Remember the investor still owns the house free and clear as well. The value of the home is $100,000.00 which represents a sizable boost to the John’s net worth as well.

My realtor in Atlanta specializes in these foreclosures for cashflow investors and homebuyers. Banks are selling homes in move in condition for $40,000.00 to $80,000.00.  Listed below are a few great cashflow opportunities.

Wealth Wellness Wisdom

Manager of Wealth


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