No time to sit back and watch the Wall Street Train Wreck!

I’m going to make this super short so that you can hear me through the noise.  A confused mind often opts to do absolutely nothing and so what you can count on is that most people in America will do nothing as their money evaporates in their retirement plan. Occupy Wall Street will not change that. When people get scared they usually do nothing but stand in one place and wait for the train wreck to happen.

Data from the social security administration says that only 3 out of every 100 working people retire securely with enough income to not be totally dependent on the government for the rest of their lives. That means we have a 97% chance of failure and it’s largely due to not knowing enough and making the right choices. 97% of people are good, decent, hard-working people. But they can’t retire well because every few years they lose most of their savings in the stock market. This will be the legacy of the tax deffered retirement plan. Write that down because in the future it will sound profound. It’s not profound but you can’t hear the truth of this through all the noise.

Our advisors were trained to believe in a plan that has a 97% chance of not working out. This doesn’t make your advisor a bad person.

This doesn’t make you a bad person. 

You will be like most of the 97% who thought they would make it without being properly educated and taking the right steps to secure themselves.

Truthfully, you can’t earn enough money to buy your way out of knowing what you need to know. Being rich now doesn’t make you wealthy in the future. In fact, if it did there wouldn’t be a 97% failure rate. If being rich now secured your future then the success rate would be over 25% for American Seniors. But its only 3%.

What ever you do don’t just stand there and do nothing! Think and act. A huge train is coming down the track.

60 Minutes told people two years ago but most are still just watching.

Wealth Wellness Wisdom



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