40 Million mistakes on consumers credit reports, get yours corrected Now!


In case you missed 60 Minutes yesterday I wanted to share their special report on the tremendous number of errors that are on American’s credit reports. Being in the lending industry I see this all the time and after having lent borrowers over 200 million dollars in the last 10 years I can tell you that credit is more important than ever. I can not stress enough that these mistakes do not fix themselves as you will see in this video. I have seen people charged outrageous rates for credit and be denied employment opportunities because their credit was not perfect. The rules are becoming more arbitrary everyday and you must be proactive in fixing any issues. You must also monitor your credit quarterly and make sure that you are not the victim of any of these errors. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows for most items to be removed from your credit report if they are not 100% accurate in their reporting. News Flash: most items are not 100% accurate by the legal standard. Check out the 60 Minutes Special:


If you have less than perfect credit and need to enhance your score then take the steps to do it now. Having personally been through the process of removing negative items and working to have my personal and business credit improved I can recommend a very solid resource.

Email me at managerofwealthllc@gmail.com if you need a strong credit repair company with legal and ethical means of getting you the credit you need to do business and remain employed in America.



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