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The Four Types of Wealth to Leave your Heirs – You are Richer than you Think

You may not consider yourself wealthy, but if you are reading this chances are you have more true wealth than you can even imagine.  In addition, you have an opportunity few will ever know, the opportunity to pass on four types of limitless wealth to your heirs.  To pass on this wealth you must be purposeful in the legacy you leave, because if you are not you will pass on poverty and hardship to future generations; even if that is not your intention.

For the purposes of this article let us define wealth as a perpetual passive stream of income that meets all of your needs, most of your wants, and allows you to pass on a legacy of wealth for the next generation. 

Now that we have defined what wealth is let’s discuss the four different types of wealth and how to build them, enjoy them, and leave them for the next generation.


CORE Wealth or Human Wealth.

Core assets are your Values, your Health, your Character, Family, Talents, Habits, Spirituality, and Heritage. It would be impossible for you to be where you are now without these core assets. Teaching your children how to be happy, healthy, and loving human beings is essential to their prosperity. People who do not enjoy the benefits of being well endowed in these areas rarely find happiness because they are totally disconnected from any core values and family.

Holding family meetings around the issues of health and happiness within the family is essential. It should be required attendance that all members of the family attend it the want present and future access to family wealth. If you are not passing along good health then you are passing along sickness. If you are not passing along happiness, then you are passing along imbalance and misery. Leaving money to unhealthy and imbalanced heirs is a waste because they will not have the tools and time to grow  the wealth.


Intellectual or Wisdom Assets.

This includes your Knowledge, Education, Skills, Systems, Ideas, Methods, Experiences, Reputation and Traditions. It is important for the current generation to teach the next generation how they became successful. Most financial wealth comes from systems, methodology, and connections.  People often remark that people from certain families or members of certain groups seem to find success so easy, but that is intellectual wealth in action.   Make sure the next generation knows what you know. Write it down and pass it on. Mentor the next generation so they can skip some of the struggle and build on a more firm foundation.  Do not send your heirs out into the world to start from scratch, to prove a point. Starting from scratch on proves what a poor teacher they had. I have seen my community do this with it’s children and in the end it killed the wealth of the entire family. Time, energy and money gets wasted because there is no one trained to carry on the family legacy.

Journaling and manual writing is critical. Recording information on video can also be critical. Share your truth and history. What are the decisions that changed your life for  the better? What poor decisions did you make and recover from?

What systems did you use of invent to create grow? Write it all down and pass it along.


Financial Wealth or the Material wealth.

This includes your Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Cash, and other possessions. It is important to note that this type of wealth is just the things, not the means to acquire the things. So much focus is placed on this area of wealth that it is said wealth never last more than three generations. Become a student of the wealthy and what they do with their money. Forget about the stock market and all the crazy risk that poor people take. The wealthy use simple income protected and insured  methods to preserve their wealth for centuries to come.c

There are billions of dollars in family trust that can never be squandered because it was built properly. You have access to the same tools but you have to put in the time to understand the process. You can’t teach what you  Contribution


Contribution Wealth or Civic/Social Wealth.

This wealth includes your Taxes, Charities, Time/Talents, Family Foundations, and donating your wisdom to others in need.  These good works and giving to the community at large keeps you connected to the wealth of the entire community. This ultimately benefits you and your family.

Not passing on a tradition of giving and contributing to the community lowers your standing in the community.  Make giving a part of your children’s lives. Attend and support charity events that align with your values. Feed the hungry and cloth the naked. Don’t wait until you have millions, do it right now.

Studies have found that the number one leisure activity is meeting with tax planners to reduce or eliminate tax burdens. Do you know the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit? You need to know this to build wealth.

How can serving others help you to become wealthy? Learn and teach.

Core wealth, Intellectual wealth, Financial wealth, and Civic wealth put together almost certainly assure a person will have a wealthy life and each area provides an ongoing passive stream of riches that will allow you to meet all of your needs, most of your wants and leave an even greater legacy to the next generation.

Look at the great families in your community and around the country and you will see them operating in all four of these areas. You will see that their wealth is never depleted because they have passed on much more than money.

If you had to give up one area of wealth and keep the other three, it would be wisest to give up the Financial Wealth because with the other three types of wealth you could get your money back in a very short time.

Wishing your Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom



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The Fruits and Vegetables of Proper Personal Finance

A grocery store is a complicated place to shop if you want to truly be healthy and live a long life. More Americans are seeking to preserve their QUALITY of life through better eating and are now coming to understand that their choices in the grocery store must change.  The world of personal finance, wealth building, and retirement planning has the same challenges as shopping in the grocery store. There are lots of good-looking investment and savings options but very few that are actually good for you.  Few will give you the desired outcome which is a long happy life with enough passive income to enjoy your retirement and leave wealth to your heirs.

Below are a few simple rules that will help you be a better consumer of both food and financial products.

Rule 1 for Food

90% of your groceries should be real food from the produce aisle. The more raw food and living food you eat the more real nutrients you will absorb and the better your health will be. 90% of what is in a grocery store is not Food. It is a chemical compound that is packaged in an attractive wrapper but it is not food. Oreos, Twinkies, frosted flakes, spaghetti sauce etc, is not food. Apples ,Oranges, Carrots, Kale, and Bananas are food. If it comes in a package it’s probably not food.

Rule 1 for Finance

90% of all investment produces are prepackaged nightmares that come with too much risk. Avoid as much as possible IRA, 401k, 403b, Thrift savings plans, and mutual funds. These plans are mostly prepackaged garbage with very high hidden fees and lots of market risk. These products can only perform in a raising market but get hit hard every time the market falls. These products are the junk food of the finance world and American baby boomers over consumption of these products produced the greatest bull market in history that took the market to 10000 and beyond. Wipe away all the sales and marketing nonsense and realize that the stock market took off from 1982 to 1999 because baby boomers put all their money in their companies 401k,403b, and thrift savings plans and bought mutual funds. Did I mention that this group has 70% of all of the savings in the country? Over the next decade they will walk away from these products and kill the market for the rest of your lifetime. Avoid these plans and stick to safe products with guaranteed income and favorable tax treatment. You should be investing to create a pension or even multiple pensions. A focus on income and tax reduction is really all you need to understand about planning for retirement. Focus on INCOME!

Rule 2 For Food

Rarely do grocery stores market things that are good for you because they are not sexy. The sexy stuff comes in a fancy package and has a marketing slogan. There is a marketing campaign for every cookie, every toxic chemical in the cleaning aisle, every low sodium TV dinner. If it has a commercial or a mascot and people are buying it avoid it like the plague. When is the last time you saw a commercial for a grape or Kale. You body struggles to break down the things you see commercials for but it absorbs the nutrients out of the real food items.


Rule 2 For Finance

If it has a commercial in finance it probably has little to no financial use and too much risk. People are buying their insurance from lizards and Geckos, and dancing bears. They are being sold on the lowest monthly cost without considering what type of coverage they get for that money. That improper coverage leaves them exposed to many risk. They are walking around carrying big Orange Numbers asking “what’s you number.”  The question has never been at what age you retire but at what Income. That big orange number doesn’t tell you how much money you can spend a month and what your tax burden will be.

The best financial products are not marketed on TV. The wealthy use another group  products that are they are safe and unsexy. The wealthy look for income and products with low or no tax.  In addition, they look for companies that have a track record of paying for 100 years or more. It’s hard to make that sexy, but that’s why the wealthy are wealthy.

Rule 3 For Food

Drink lots of Water but not bottled Water


About a decade ago the country finally got to the point that it agreed that water is very good for the body. This was a good thing. From that discovery the industry of bottled water took off. People stopped trusting water out of the tap and started carrying water everywhere they went. Grocery stores began to stack bottled water as high as they could and a trend began that shows no sign of slowing down, ever. In fact ,the worst public water gets the more bottled water will be sold. There is just one problem with this and that is that the bottle that holds the water is poisoning the water and that poison can cause cancer. In addition , fresh water loses its’ real value after three days so all the water in a grocery store is dead water, not fresh spring water like the package claims. Great idea but poor execution.

The proper water filters and a system that gives you alkaline water in PBA Free bottles is a simple solution. This truth represents a loss in sales of billions to the bottled water industry and the grocery store so don’t expect to see this anytime soon.

Rule 3 for Finance

Save as much money as you can for retirement but not in retirement plans

Americans have one of the lowest savings rates in the world. That may be because people have seen their savings wiped out over and over again since they started investing in the stock market in the 80s. The S & L crisis, the crash of 1987, the tech bubble 0f 1999, the real estate bubble of 2008, at least once a decade people are getting hit hard and that makes them not want to save. When America was a pension society they saved a lot more. It’s not that saving is wrong but like bottled water it’s the package you wrap your savings in. Why put your savings in the stock market? Why tie your life insurance policy to the stock market? Why play hunches and trends?

We can save in solid tax advantaged , non market exposed products that state the return before we invest. We can use produces that have no exposure to the up and down of the market.  We always move forward no matter what is happening on Wall Street. Three simple questions to ask are, Can I lose Money, What is the guaranteed return, and What is the tax consequence. The answer should be favorable for all three before you invest.


Grocery stores and investment firms are big shining beautiful places with options and products laid out all over the place. Knowing which to choose is a matter of a proper education that develops into a sound philosophy. If you haven’t invested in that education then you simply put yourself at risk every time you enter either of these institutions. If you need a place to start try reading a simple text written by author Tony Brayboy called The Big Payback, it’s a short instructional book that’s worth a million dollars .

Here is the link:

Wishing you Wealth, Wellness, and Wisdom

Mark Fuller

Manager of Wealth

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Wealth Wellness and Wisdom and the Mythology of this Holy Trinity


I usually end my post by wishing you Wealth, Wellness And Wisdom and today I thought I’d address how this things are connected in 2013. Truthfully for the vast majority of people in America they are not on their way to wealth, they are not in very good health, and in spite of being educated they have not yet graduated to wisdom, they are simply smart.

Let’s take a real world example because I really don’t want to be vague on this subject.

Let start with wealth.

It is 2013 and the stock market is back at 14000, btw this is where it was back in 2008 before the crash when it dropped to 6600. In the real world nothing has really changed financially in terms of the factors that caused the crash. In fact, banks are still holding trillions in shadow inventory. Many borrowers have not paid in months or years and the country has still not found and economic engine to replace the run away train that was the real estate market. Inflation is actually incredibly high if you open you eyes. Look at the price of gas, bread, eggs in 2000 versus 2013. People want you to believe inflation is at 3% annually but it is much higher than that and growing everyday. Goods are at least 3 times more expensive than they were a decade ago.

Yet in spite of the economic realities would you believe that over 90% of Americans have never made ANY change in their retirement portfolios. They continue to contribute to their 401k and IRAs after taking major losses at least once every 8 years since the 1970s. How do you explain that as you claim to be headed toward wealth? Where is the common sense and how much time and effort are people putting into understanding whats is really going on?

Then look at health.

There is a developing surge in people seeking natural health practices and wellness. Two major things are driving the run to health, one is the incredible rising cost of Medical care in America and the other is the alarming rate of Cancer and other major diseases in young people. It seems the first law of self-preservation is kicking in and people are beginning to find out that instead of pills and surgery they can be healed of disease by fruits, veggies, and nutrients. This is major unfortunately it will take at least a generation for natural medicine to become the norm and ten of millions will die prematurely because the competing messages from the pharma industry have much better advertising. People will move to Wellness organically because their lives or the lives of someone close to them will have been saved by natural medicine and they will seek more information and make changes.

So where does Wisdom come in?

Wisdom is the ability to use all of your education and experience to discern the proper course of action and pathway in life. I submit that as a country we are slowly developing wisdom in the area of health because we need to do so to survive. However, we are moving backward in the area of wealth building because even as we make more money we are investing in the worst possible places.

You see the difference between Wealth and Wellness is profound. A sick person who is on many prescribed drugs will find natural medicine and in short order become completely healed from the disease from which the suffer. They will never actively seek to return to the drugs because they are in fact HEALED from fruits , vegetables, and nutrients.

In wealth building a person can lose half their life savings in the stock market and fully understand that it is a dangerous, unpredictable place to build wealth and still run back to the stock market if the market begins to rebound. I have heard more people talking about how the economy is back because the market is back at 14000 but if it was there 5 years ago then that is not a gain. The market can come back without the stocks in your portfolio coming back. We just don’t seem to be developing any wisdom when it comes to money. We are getting better at making money in business but when it comes to building true wealth we show no wisdom.

It is worth noting that in the 1970s before the rise of qualified plans(IRA, 401k, Thrift savings) and the rise of Pharma companies we were a much healthier and financially secure country. Imagine if all of the money that was generated in the 80s, 90s and 2000s was never invested in the stock market so when the market crashed the average American would not be losing their life savings. Can you imagine that because that is the way it needs to be for us to get on the true path to wealth building?

Imagine that our grocery stores actually had mostly food in there instead of foodstuff products. Most people don’t even realize that most of the products in a grocery store are made up chemical compounds and not food at all. The only real food in the store are the fruits, veggies and meats, the rest is Cheetos and Oreo cookies.

Take a look at your life and ask yourself are you developing true Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom and if not start seeking to make changes today.

This week I’m going to give you some major resources to help you along the path. I’m going to give you some truths to consider and some resources to explore to help you have a better life. Please subscribe to this blog. I promise to give you something life changing this week and every week and share this info with your friends.

Wishing you Wealth Wellness and Wisdom

Mark Fuller
Manager of Wealth

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Life Insurance is not the Plan, it is the Funding Source of the Plan!

If you read my last blog post then you know that I believe you should have a plan to replace your income in the event something unfortunate happens to you. Everyday I see examples of families that failed to plan and the hardships the surely come with the lost of that income.

Let’s be clear I know you don’t want life insurance. You want your family to be able to carry on and accomplish the dreams and plans you had for them. Maybe by the end of this series you will want life insurance when you realize how much you can use it to make your dreams come true while you are alive. The important thing is that having Life Insurance does not solve all of your planning issues because a large sum a money going to your family will not solve the main challenge facing your family. The main challenge is a clear and effective plan.

Many people just leave money to their families and before long the money is gone and then the financial struggles begin. Why not set a plan in place using your will to say exactly how the money is to be dispersed?  Why not have the money go into a fund the preserves the capital but pays a life time income to your  surviving family members and passes the principal on to the next generation?

The insurance is only the funding source for the plan. If you have 2 million dollars in life insurance why not have your trustee set up an annuity that pays $100,000.00 per year to your heirs and then passes the payments on to future generations when the pass. Most people don’t do this because they did not know it was an option. Never leave provsions without instructions.

Your gift to your family could be multi generational if you plan well. Can you imagine your two million paying out 5 million over fifty years while preserving the principal? That’s the power of a couple hundred bucks a month in the right hands.

Remember of the plan,Life Insurance is not the Plan, it is the funding source!

Wishing you Wealth Wellness and Wisdom,


Manager of Wealth

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What Happens to your Family Financially if you Don’t come home Tonight?

This is one of the most powerful questions for a family to answer concerning every income earner in the home. It is certain that the death of any member of the family is a tragedy but the total loss of your income to the household is a second lingering tragedy that is felt for decades by the very love ones you went to work to support every day.

The American family has a very serious problem. Many fathers and mothers think they are properly insured and that the insurance policies they personally own or the ones they have at work are enough to cover their families. This assumption is not only wrong but it is dangerous because your whole family is counting on you knowing better and doing better to protect them. There are inexpensive fixes that must be put in place today so that your family can continue to thrive and grow even if you die or are totally disabled..

What is the proper amount of insurance?

The proper amount of insurance is the amount of insurance that pays off all debt and TOTALLY replaces your income. If you earn $80,000.00 you need an amount of insurance that will pay $80,000.00 per year of more forever.  Do not count insurance you have through your job because you may not always have that job. In addition the longer you go without owning your own policy the older you get and the more expensive you will be to insure. Insurance favors the young and healthy. own the solution to your problem.

If you have 1.5 to 2 million in insurance (do not buy it in term unless it is a special term that converts to permanent insurance) your family can pay off its’ debt and then put the balance in an annuity that will pay 5% a year. If placed in trust it can pay $80,000.00 through your spouses life time, your kids life time, and your grand children’s life time without ever touching the principal. A healthy 40 year old could purchase this for about $200.00 per month. If your spouse did the same and you taught your children to do the same when they became adults, your grandchildren will have some serious trust funds. And it can all be created from very little money.

 Would you pay $200.00 per month to know that your family would get $80,000.00 per year forever?

We pay $600.00 per month car notes, $2500.00 mortgage payments, 1500.00 per month tuition for elementary school in some cases. Why are we not putting things in place in case the worse happens? Every Father , Mother, and responsible adult should put an income replacement plan in place right now. It’s not just a policy in the right amount but a written plan that gives instructions to make the money do what is supposed to do.

I often hear spouses say that if something happens to them the house will be paid off and that the other spouse and the children will be ok. The truth is they will not be ok losing all of that income. Many things are no longer possible now that your income no longer exist. Things will continue to get more expensive and your money will buy less everyday. When you were born gas cost less than one dollar per gallon. Now it’s almost four dollars per gallon. Don’t leave a family with a paid off house and broke.

It’s not fair and its not why you are working so hard NOW

I did a survey of 20 friends and associates who earn over $150,000.00 and live in homes with debt over $300,000.00. Most had their children in private schools paying between $600.00 to $2000.00 per month. Not one had a policy worth more than $500,000.00. These are all great parents that love and care for their amazing children but if something happened to them or their spouse their children’s life styles would disappear within two years. I know that is not what they want for their families. So I’m helping to change that now!

You will need help doing the right thing affordably and I can refer you to excellent resources. 866-392-5805.

What happens to my family financially if something happens to me? They will be debt free and still have my total income coming in every year for the rest of their lives. If you can’t say that you should be calling me now.

Wishing you Wealth Wellness and Wisdom


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Reasons to mind your Parents’ Financial Business

The old saying goes “Once an adult, twice a child”. If you are blessed you will one day know what this saying really means. Either because your parents will get old and need you to care for them; or you will get old and need your children to care for you. If you are blessed and lucky both will happen. Regardless, you should not wait to have conversations about money and how things should be handled until it is too late and someone has lost the mental of physical ability to have a direct conversation. I was reminded of this yesterday on Mother’s Day while visiting my parents.  We had a brief conversation about a matter they needed my help with. It is unique a situation for parents and children to have open conversations about finances.

There are many reasons your parents need you minding their financial business but I’m going to talk about four very quickly.

1.Things get more expensive in the future

You can be debt free and have your house paid off but it will not stop the cost of bread, eggs and gas from going up in the future. Gas was $1.16 in 1990. Everyday people who live in paid off homes and are debt free are struggling with $4.00 gas and $4,000.00 property taxes.  As a family you must sit down with an adviser and talk about how to prepare for the future. Parents are not prepared for $8.00 gas and $12,000.00 property taxes, but those things will happening anyway.

2. If you get sick and need government help the government expects to take your assets down to your last $2,000.00 before they will help you. This is avoided ONLY by proper planning.

Hopefully your parents and older relatives will live a long time. Of course, living  a long time means possibly being ill from time to time. This is a fact of life and so there is a safety net called Medicare. Medicare is a good safety net for a lot of Americans who can’t afford medical care. Here is what you don’t know about Medicare.If you get sick and need medicare to help you they will take up to your last $2000.00 in assets before they will pay a dime. In addition, they will do a five year look back into your finances and if you transferred assets out of your name to other people in that time they want that money too!

There are lots of people who are not rich but they are not poor either. Getting sick even once can and does wipe out a life savings. Chemo is expensive, hip replacement is expensive, rehabilitation is expensive, nursing homes are $5,000.00 per month and up.

Losing everything can be totally prevented by getting paperwork in order and making sure assets are titled properly.

 3. Today’s financial instruments are complicated.

Do you know what a reverse mortgage is and how it works?  Do you really know or do you know what you have heard?  In almost 2 decades of talking to people about money few take the time to learn about options until they are in trouble. The wealthy use instruments like reverse mortgages, insurance , and annuities while the middle class and poor use IRAs, mutual funds, and live in paid off homes. You need to understand the reasons for this. Your family needs to protect everything your parents have worked for.


 4. Well advised families take advantage of the fact that nobody lives forever. Many middle class families with a great advising created generational wealth from this absolute certainty.

Only two things in life are certain, death and taxes.  GE found a way around the tax issue but no one lives forever. Every person in your family could use their mortality to generate 1 to 2 million dollars for the family trust fund. If the principal of that fund was not touched,  the interest of that fund could pay future generations. How well off would your family be in two generations?

People always talk about the trust fund babies but a lot of trust funds are no more than simple insurance policies and annuities. A family had the foresight to set this up a generation before. Parents think all they have to leave their children is a house. Most children sell their parents’ homes. That money might have bought the parents an even larger insurance policy or allowed them to generate and even greater nest egg.

These conversations need to happen because the law of unintended consequences is lurking in the shadows.  So many missed opportunities because of poor planning. Some think they are so well off there is no need to plan further ; others don’t think they have enough assets to warrant a plan. Both are wrong.

 Mind your parents business and watch your own financial IQ grow.

Mark Fuller

Manager of  Wealth

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Immortal Money from an Ordinary Life


Good day to you. I hope you are feeling valuable and powerful after yesterday’s lesson on calculating the value of a life in financial terms. I hope you now understand that your lifetime earnings must be protected if things are going to progress for you and your family. If you didn’t read yesterday’s blog stop and do it now, before going on. What I share next is powerful but it needs to be put in context.

Yesterday’s Blog – Calculating the value of a Life in Financial terms:

Making your Money Immortal

Immortal money means taking a portion of your current income and guaranteeing a lifetime of income for you and your family. It means that if you earned $65,000.00 a year your family will have at least $65,000.00 a year for life. It means if you get hurt and can’t work your retirement account still gets funded. It means if you lose your job your savings and insurance can pay for itself.  It means living real tax free wealth to your family and setting it up so they can’t squander the principal. 

The Myth of Term Insurance

There is a huge myth that has been going around since the 1980s about cheap/affordable insurance and expense/unaffordable insurance. Whole companies have been built on concept that traditional insurance as most people knew it before the eighties was too expensive.  Cheap policies should be purchased and then people could focus on building up wealth and ultimately be self insured. The concept was called “Buy term and invest the difference”. It was a bad concept when it was introduced and it’s an even worse concept now.

Why is “Buy term and invest the difference so bad”? Historically only 2% of term policies ever pay a death claim. Term is cheap when you are young and gets increasing more expensive by the time you really need coverage in your older years. This causes you to drop coverage and the insurance company never has to pay out a thing on 98% of all the policies out there. Stop and think about that. The Insurance Company has a 98% of never paying a dime.

The second reason “Buy Term invest the difference” doesn’t work is most American won’t be well off enough to self insure by retirement age. For a number of reasons this just isn’t happening. A person who purchased term insurance in their early adult years is too old, too sick, or too poor to afford any coverage and will one day pass away leaving little or no financial legacy because they had the wrong information in their youth.

Get More than you Pay For

Here is a thought. Let’s get what we pay for. In fact let’s get more than we paid for by investing in a vehicle that is guaranteed to pay in all possible life scenarios. It needs to pay me if I live to retirement age and need and income. It needs to pay enough to totally replace my lifetime income if I die prematurely. It needs to pay for itself if I can’t work because I’m disabled and still fund not only my life insurance but also my retirement funds. It cannot be tied to the stock market because I don’t want the policy losing money in an economic downturn and having all my cash value eaten up by insurance. Lastly, it has got to grow with me so by the time I reach retirement age I have at least 50% more insurance coverage than I originally purchased.

The answer is purchasing the right type of permanent insurance that covers you for your Whole life time. If you are like the person in the part 1 of this series and need $1,625,000 in insurance. You may purchase $625,000.00 in permanent coverage with a 1 million dollar CONVERTABLE term rider. You can now afford the best coverage on your current budget. You buy it this way for 2 reasons. First you will never need to medically qualify for coverage again so from day 1 you have the total protection you need. Second, as your income grows you can convert all at one time or in parts the million dollars in term into permanent insurance.

If you want to know the best type of permanent insurance policy to invest in call my advisor Tony Brayboy of Matrix Wealth Management Have him educated you on all your options for protecting your family.

Spending the same money for a greater result

For years planners and advisors have been saying get insurance and then save 10 – 15% of your income for retirement. This is supposed to give you a secure retirement. But the insurance keeps running out just when we need it and the retirement account keeps getting hit by downturns in the economy and taxes. You need your money to be Immortal. That means your plan has to work for you and your family no matter what happens and no matter what the economy does. You can achieve the desired result from the same money others have encouraged you to invest in buy term and invest the difference. The result will be more money, more security, less tax, and your protection and legacy wealth will be there for your family.

Mark Fuller – Manager of Wealth

Wealth Wellness Wisdom

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