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What Happens When You Begin to draw from your IRA, 401K,403B, or Thrift plan in Retirement

Tony Brayboy discusses the reality of retirement plans and the small amount of spendable income that comes from traditional plans. Mr. Brayboy makes a case for focusing on INCOME instead of Lump Sums.

If you want to understand how to create the income you are looking for start here. Purchase and study this simple $7.00 book.

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Tony Brayboy’s The Big Payback

Wishing you Wealth Wellness and Wisdom

Mark Fuller – Manager of Wealth


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J.P Morgan to pay 13 Billion dollar fine with Stolen Money


Twenty years from now business schools will be teaching a course on How to steal big like J.P Morgan. While news organizations run stories for the largest fine ever paid by a U.S. corporation they are missing out one glaring fact. The U.S taxpayer is about to be paid back with their own money. J.P Morgan defrauded the markets for almost a decade and made hundreds of Billions in Profits and now they are being asked to give a tiny portion of the ill-gotten gain back.

It may be relevant to the issue that Bernie Madoff got 150 years for creating 18 Billion in loses. No one will ever go to jail for the hundreds of Billions J.P Morgan lost because they are better thieves with better lawyers.

Look at what has happened in the last five years and tell me if this isn’t a great lesson in stealing BIG:

1. JPMorgan’s $12 Billion Bailout


2. Bailed out banks

The Treasury Department has invested about $200 billion in hundreds of banks through its Capital Purchase Program in an effort to prop up capital and support new lending. Here’s a list of the banks that got bailed out.

3.  Profit Solid, J.P. Morgan Aims to Repay TARP Funds

Robin Sidel    Updated April 17, 2009 12:01 a.m. ET

June 17, 2009, 4:17 pm <!– — Updated: 3:55 pm –>

4.  JPMorgan and 9 Other Banks Repay TARP Money


9. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. 2009
Rank: 9 (Previous rank: 16) CEO: James Dimon Compare tool: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. vs. Top 10

5.  5 Highlights From JPMorgan’s 2010 Earnings

Jan 14 2011, 2:19 PM ET

Wall Street Earnings January 13, 2012, 7:21 am  <!– — Updated: 1:00 pm –>

6.  Weak Quarter Weighs on JPMorgan’s 2011 Profit


7.  Goldman & JP Are Still Tops—But Dimon Takes a Pay Cut

Jan 16, 2013 12:07 PM EST

8.  JPMorgan’s $7 Billion In Penalty Payouts Dwarfed By Monstrous Profits (CHARTS)

9.  JPMorgan’s $13 Billion Settlement: Jamie Dimon Is a Colossus No More

By October 24, 2013

If you understand these 10 articles you will understand that this fine will not cost J.P Morgan a dime. When the U.S. tax payers gave J.P Morgan 25 Billion for the bailout we gave them the a five year head start for all of the fines they would later have to pay. These last five years have been the best in J.P Morgan history and 13 Billion is a drop in the bucket.

If more fortune 500 companies took the approach of stealing Billions and paying fines five years later I’m sure they would be more profitable. This is why I know this example will be taught in law schools and business schools around the world.

Wishing Wealth Wellness and Wisdom

Manager of Wealth

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How to Conserve and Create Wealth in the Midst of Insanity- 7 part series




Part 2

Conserve and Create wealth Part 2



Part 3






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The Myth of Dollar Cost Averaging

Tony Brayboy of Matrix Wealth Management

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Making Money – A Bold Revolutionary Act in the New World Corrupt Economy

financial revolutionary

If you want to be secure in this new world economy stop trying to invest in the market and go out and make some real money.  There is a revolution happening like never before where people are either giving themselves over to the system or getting out of the system.

We now have economic slavery by choice ,a system where people work hard and then give their earnings over to a financial system that gives very little back.  This self imposed slavery takes on many names like retirement planning and stock market investing.  It is really is a plank check to take your life savings and do anything and everything an institution desires, in the hopes of making more money but without any of the responsibility of having to perform.

You think I’m being to harsh because you do not understand exactly what happens in the halls of the investment world. If you knew how you were regarded by the real players in the market you would never put a dime in the stock market. Instead you would store your money in accounts with guaranteed returns and look for businesses with real returns that you could OWN.

Revolutionaries don’t follow the crowd into the abyss 

Imagine going out and buying something for $200.00 and selling in for $1000.00. Subtract the cost to acquire a customer from your profit and you have made real money. Making real money is a revolutionary act because you are not supposed to ever get to the point where you realize that the only real profits in this world are the profits made on buying and selling, and they are available to everyone. Learn to sell or deliver a product to people that they are willing to pay for and you join the revolution. Forget waiting to open an account statement every month to see if you made or lost money, that’s for sheep.

Almost every person in America knows someone who made a million dollars or more in some form of business but very few have ever met anyone who made a million dollars in the stock market. Yet we believe in the fantasy of the 401k, IRA, 403B, and the Thrift Savings plan. The whole market crashes at least once every eight years but since 1978 we Americans feel the need to be in the stock market investing game. Why?

The very computer you are reading this on was purchased by the store that sold it to you for no more than half of what you paid and it was manufactured for no more than half of that. Think like a consumer and get broke. Think like a seller and get wealthy.

If you believe that the system you are investing your savings into is a fair one I encourage you to devote some time to read three insightful books that give first hand accounts of actions of Wall Street. Once you read these books you will understand perfectly why the bond market crashed in the 80s, the tech bubble burst in the 90s and the whole market crashed in 2008. More importantly you will understand why it must happen again.

m lewis Liars Poker

An insightful look at the bond market and all of the games that are played on Wall Street.

m lewis the_big_short

The most honest look from inside Goldman Sachs that details the truth of why the housing market had to crash. Provides a long list of firms and people who knew the market was doomed a decade before the crash but just kept on making money for themselves and their firms at the expense of the American people and working people around the world.

Nassim Taleb The Black Swan

A look at the world through the eyes of a fund manager who bet that nobody in the financial markets really knows what they are doing.  He bets against the smartest guys in the room and wins big as they endanger whole economies. After you read this book you will realize that the worst that can happen has not yet happened but it is on its way.

For Revolutionaires Only 

Making money by providing goods and services is revolutionary because it is old school. It’s a “something for something” sort of deal unlike Wall Street investing which more often “something for nothing.”

Wishing you Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom

Mark Fuller

Manager of Wealth

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The Uninsured Risk of Being a Parent and how to protect your Family Properly

If you are reading this chances are you have a family. I am also going to assume that you love your family,and are making big plans for the future of your children. Some of these plans may include a great primary and secondary education. Also making opportunities and experiences available to them in arts and culture, and making sure they get a solid start once they reach adulthood.

I applaud your plans for your children. Your kids will have opportunities that you never even dreamed about when you were their age. The great thing is that your hard work and sacrifice is paying for all of these opportunities as well as the basics, food, clothing, shelter, video games, etc. Even greater news is you have a plan and the work ethic to get it done for your family. The not so good news is that you most likely have no real plan in place to fully provide the INCOME it will take to carry out those plans if you were to pass away prematurely.

The uninsured risk of being a parent is hitting more and more families everyday. Many 30 and 40-year-old parents are being stricken with Breast cancer, diabetes, stokes, heart attacks and sleep apnea. Not to mention simple work and non work related accidents and car crashes. The ranks of the six figure earners are exploding with women and minorities like never before in the history of the U.S..

The ranks of the properly insured grow smaller everyday.Why? Because the idea of what being properly insured is has not advanced in the last two generations and the wealthy are the only ones truly taking advantage of the great opportunity to advance the family legacy through the proper use of insurance.

Being properly insured means being able to totally replace your yearly income for the full time your family will need it. How long do you suppose your children and/or your spouse will NEED your income? Depending on the commitments you have made and the plans your family has that could mean 25 to 50 years. 30 plans for houses, 5 year plans for cars and 20 plans for credit cards. Do you have a plan that will pay for that long? Do you have total income replacement insurance that you personally own? If not, you are leaving your entire family in peril everyday because you refuse to totally cover the risk.

A recent survey was done amongst six figure earning parents and they were asked how much life insurance protection they had. The number than had over $500,000.00 was less than 5%. The number the that had none was over 20%.The number that would have none if they loss or changed their job was over 40%. This is an epidemic problem. Can your family lose over $100,000.00 of income and still operate at a level?

How to replace Income

$500,000.00 can only replace about $20,000.00 in income long term because you can’t really get more than a 4% guaranteed return in any stable financial instrument. That means to replace $100,000.00 you need about $2.5 million in life insurance. Put in the proper instrument it will pay $100,000.00 per year forever. It will pay your spouse, your children, and your childrens’ children, etc.. Learning how to do this properly and for as little cost as possible is an art.

BTW, If you have coverage on your job you need to purchase proper coverage like you have no coverage at all because if you lose or leave your job that is exactly what you will have only you will be older than you are now and the coverage will cost much more. Don’t fall into the trap that gets so many Americans. There are so many Americans looking for proper coverage that they are simply to old or too sick to qualify for. Insurance favors the young and the healthy and time is not on your side.

The structure of a proper income replacement plan is key. If you don’t have a plan that will replace your income for the next 50 years minimum then call me so I can help you put together great options. Having no plan is a plan to fail and today’s parents are failing their children everyday by only considering the possibilities if everything remains perfect. Nothing ever goes perfectly. Plan for the worst and hope for the best and you will never have any regrets. By law you can not drive a car or own a  home without proper coverage. Why can you be a parents without proper coverage. So much is riding on YOU!

Call me at 410-908-5987 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

Wishing you Wealth Wellness and Wisdom


Manager of Wealth

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Four Things Occupy Wall Street should be thinking about to change America for the Better!

It is great to see people standing for something. Although it is early in the development of the Occupy Wall Street movement, it may yet be a great thing for the country. There is a unique opportunity, not just to complain but to question the very foundation of what we count on Wall Street for.

Should America be counting on Wall Street for their retirement saving? Absolutely not. Markets will have ups and downs for a great number of reasons that don’t make any sense to the investor. Making money trading on Wall Street and making money investing as a retirement plan owner are two totally different things. The biggest difference is a trader can make money on both sides of a trade.  A retirement plan investor loses every time their stocks go down in price.

In addition stock prices go down if the company does not reach the targets it set in its quarterly plan, even if makes a huge real profit. You lose as a stock holder and the company keeps the cash. Stocks like Microsoft that have been performing poorly over the last few years still they make tons of cash. Stock value goes down but the company does billions in sales profitably. Sound like a good deal?

There are investments in America that have offered profitable returns in America for the last 100 years. They don’t have all the sexy marketing. They just work and have better tax advantages.

America needs to go back to investing the way it did before 1978 when retirement plans were created. People would be a lot richer without the risk of investing in what they don’t understand.

Do the Occupy Wall Street protestors know that Wall Street is about to shrink on its own over the next 20 years because of population trends?  Everyday 10,000 people turn 65 in America. This will happen everyday for the next 20 years. These seniors have more than 65% of the country’s wealth and they are moving it to safety because it’s all they have. In addition to that stat only 3 in 100 seniors has enough capital to retire comfortably. Those three are not taking any risk.

What happens when a country’s baby boomers take their cash out of the stock market, you ask? Japan happens! Their population is 20 years older than ours. When their baby boomers retired they took the money in the Japanese market with them. Their market is 75% below 25 years ago. We will most certainly see the same.

Occupy Wall Street should be asking what is the plan now that the world is making moves to remove the dollar as the favored currency in the world?  All of the top world powers have been meeting in secret and not so secret meetings to remove the dollar and create one central currency under one global central bank. This would crush our economy because we are the largest debtor nation and our currency would be worth very little in the world.

Here is a fact to think about regarding the country’s debt. If you taxed every American at 100% of earnings the national debt would still not be paid off. This is the real cost of our 10 year war. It has completely drained our treasury.

The fall of the stock market, the exit of seniors money, the crushing debt, and the change to a global currency are things that are happening for sure. It is no longer conspiracy talk like when we were in college years ago.

If you are marching around with a sign while not seriously considering alternatives to the system itself, you are not making things better for you or your family. It time for these wonderfully intelligent, free American people to start to think!

Please let me know your thoughts! If you think this is worth talking about post it and resend it to your friends.

Wealth Wellness Wisdom


Manager of Wealth

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